This is just a little background information for those of you who haven't been following the project or those of you that were wanting to learn a little bit more...

This Game started out as an idea when a disappointed Pokémon fan found out that Fire Red and Leaf Green would include more than just the original 151.

The young coder started work on his own version of a Pokémon style game (originally called World Of Small Creatures), he chose to make this new idea a reality by making it for the psp homebrew scene.

World Of Small Creatures was born, it started out on a QJ.net Thread Titled "Pokemon (remade for psp) Request/Speculation" the post asked users what they would like to see in a Pokémon game made for the Psp, notice that the game has quickly become a Pokémon game therefore dropping its original name.

After officially deciding it to be a Pokémon game, the hunt was on to find the second part of the name.

We had a few suggestions such as:

Pokémon: Origins

Pokémon: Water Blue

It was decided that the name will be Pokémon Islands as it ties in with the story of the game.

Pokémon Islands was now born!!

For about a year Pokemon Islands was going strong, we had fans and support coming from the four corners of the world, and then it stopped.

Without an explanation the Dev who started the project, the one who had the dream just dropped off the face of the earth. Work stopped on the project and the trail went cold, that was until the right hand man decided that the project must continue for the supportters.

The game was relaunched under two new marques, Pokemon Jade for Psp and Pokemon Obsidian for Psp.

It is at this point where you join our story...

Thank You for supporting us throught out the Project!

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