Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Something Doesn't Sound Right? But You Can Help!

We all know that a games soundtrack can often be make or break. if the Developer does not get this key part right then a good game can often head south very quickly.

Ever since the birth of Pokemon games the sound we here have always been very basic and never very ground breaking, Nintendo found with each subsequent release they had no pressure on them to change things and if the public are happy then why should they, right?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Re-engaging Our Fans: Twitter!

Pokemon has been and always will be a community based game. It has millions upon millions of fans spread out across the globe. From Pokemon mad nation of Japan in the far east, to the most northern villages of Scotland, it is without doubt one of the largest franchises to brace human knowledge. We're like one big family.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Your Turn Is Now! Contact Us!

We have now given you almost a month to get to grips with Tiled and get to producing some of your map's for use in Pokemon for PSP. By now you should have folders upon folders of game worlds just sitting on your PC, just ready  to be implemented in to a PSP Pokemon game. Well up until now we deliberately left out the details of where to send these files, but now that all changes.

Monday, 16 September 2013

To Catch'em All, We First Need To Build'em All: It's Mapping Time

No matter what game you decide to play, be Call of Duty, GTA V or even the humble little Pokemon, the environment you explore, is undoubtedly a key aspect in your gaming experiance. These are the place than you learn to love, enjoy, and spend many, many hours of your precious time digging around in. So now is the time, that you can help us to emerse other gamers into our world, and have your input on our region.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Quick Update For You All!

Welcome back,

I thought I'd let you all know just what I have been doing with myself over the course of thismorning. To save you all of the technical babble that I'm we will get into in the coming weeks, I thought I'd make this a quick a simple update, and rather than just talking about it, I have brought along some screenshots so you can see for yourselves just what has been going on.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fancy giving us a hand?

How would, yes you like to give us a helping hand in bring our world to the masses of Psp owners around the world?

With your help we can speed up the process of building our region. With your help you can have your influence on a game that is sure to be downloaded by thousands of users.

Welcome to our new home!

Here we are at the launch of our brand new website. We felt the best way to re-engage with our fans would be to relaunch ourselves in a whole new place, and that is just what we have done.

So we welcome you now to the new home of Pokemon for Psp. This is the place to come to in order to find all the latest news on Pokemon Jade and Pokemon Obsidian.

It is from here you will find out the latest difficulties we are having, the new idea's we want to share with you all, and ofcourse the previews and information that you the fans will want to know!

So here we are, and we welcome you to pull up a chair, join us us and let your ideas mingle with our own in becoming the number one Psp homebrew of all time.

 photo ObsidianJade.jpg