Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Wild Pokemon Appeared!

Don't tell anyone but, I may or may not have uploaded the wrong version of the game yesterday...

So we'll try this again!

The game is currently in a playable state, with a couple of routes for you to play around on and plenty of Pokemon to battle and catch!

THIS IS NOT FINISHED. It still needs a lot of work doing, and I am looking to use this release to get some more people involved in the developing side of the game!

If after playing around, you feel you could offer us something, the contact us on the form on the right of this page!

Do the same with any bugs you may find.

Hope you enjoy the test, and I look forward to your comments!

For the next 24 hours this correct version will be available, hope you enjoy!



  1. I liked this beta , the Bugs i found were : the houses in the first village on the rigth , you cant leave them it apears a error on maploader or something these its he only one i found so far

    1. Yeah, this is because, the map file is missing, is crrently in place in a later version!

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    3. when will this version be released then ? cant wait for it xD

  2. pede po bang mag trade dito xrry po sa tanong plss answer this

  3. at bat corrupted po pag inoopen ko sapsp ko?