Thursday, 12 September 2013

Quick Update For You All!

Welcome back,

I thought I'd let you all know just what I have been doing with myself over the course of thismorning. To save you all of the technical babble that I'm we will get into in the coming weeks, I thought I'd make this a quick a simple update, and rather than just talking about it, I have brought along some screenshots so you can see for yourselves just what has been going on.

So let begin,

First thing that you should notice is an new feature is that there is now village/town music, ok, I'll admit that from a screenshot this isn't going to jump out at you and be super obvious. However what should be simple enough to find is the player ability to turn off or pause the music. This can be seen in the two images below.

 photo PokemonJade1.png

 photo PokemonJade.png

In the images above you can also see the ability to change which volume setting the music is being played at, ranging from "0" which is ofcourse "Mute" and "5" which is "Full Volume".

The next change you should notice is on the "Map" panel, we can see from the image below that it tells which town is the closest and gives us an picture of the town to help jog our memories. You may note that it also tells the player the "Population" of the town.

 photo PokemonJade2.png

In our next image we can have a sneak preview of our planner, now here is where the player will find notes about where to find people and character during their quest. For an example of this the player may be asked to take an Item to somebody in another town. In this case the Item will be shown as with the receiptents name and the town where they will be found. You may also notice that the "Planner" page is sporting the games colours, this version is Pokemon Jade.

 photo PokemonJade3.png

On our final note we will leave you with the image below, showing us that the game will recognise the player's nickname from the Psp unit.

 photo PokemonJade4.png

Hope you found this update interesting and we look forward to bringing you more in the future.

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