Friday, 11 October 2013

Re-engaging Our Fans: Twitter!

Pokemon has been and always will be a community based game. It has millions upon millions of fans spread out across the globe. From Pokemon mad nation of Japan in the far east, to the most northern villages of Scotland, it is without doubt one of the largest franchises to brace human knowledge. We're like one big family.

With such a huge community comes great responsibility, and when build a game for part of that community, it becomes very easy to leave out what your fans want you to include.

To get ourselves around this issue we have started by allowing you help us by creating our own maps for us to include. Following this we put up a Contact box for you to tell us about the maps and any other idea's you may have.

I can hear you right now, you're wondering what we are going to do next!

Well, we have now taken the next logical step by doing just what everyone else does to engage with their loyal fans!

Yesterday we launch our very own #Twitter page, via which you will be able to find out all the latest information, including developer snippets. 

You can feel free to contact us and ask any questions you have via this method as well as any of the other methods I have mentioned elsewhere.

All of these things we are doing are making it easier for you to get in touch with us and share your ideas. With the twitter page and new website we are currently putting the focus back where it should be. As always it should be placed firmly on the fans, and that is the reason we are working hard to re-engage with all of you, and getting you involved!

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