Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Something Doesn't Sound Right? But You Can Help!

We all know that a games soundtrack can often be make or break. if the Developer does not get this key part right then a good game can often head south very quickly.

Ever since the birth of Pokemon games the sound we here have always been very basic and never very ground breaking, Nintendo found with each subsequent release they had no pressure on them to change things and if the public are happy then why should they, right?

Wrong!! Massively wrong. One thing we here agreed on as servants to our fans is that we should always progress and produce the best we can!

We both decided that our game will break the Nintendo mold and as we were fed up of game after game being released with the same old "Screeching" noise when the Pokemon is released from the Pokeball. Our aim is to give each Pokemon their voice back, allow them to talk to us in a way in which we understand them.

We are currently looking for clean sound files of the Original 151 Pokemon from the Anime series. with your help we are going to include them in our game and say goodbye to those horrendous screeching noises that have haunted us for so long.

So what is it that we want?

We are looking to get clean sound files from the anime series of a Pokemon being either released from a Pokeball or saying what they say best in an appreciated manner.

Eg: Charmander " Char Char"

Simple as that!


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